As a native to South Florida, I have grown up near the coast all of my life, and have taken full advantage of that. Spending my days fishing and surfing, recreating the world around me and creating imagery from this environment always felt natural. Traveling to other ocean enriched communities around the Caribbean and Latin America, have strengthened my need to take in the colors and atmosphere, and this reflects in a lot of my work. Living so close to Miami and traveling to visit other cities, like New York, Philadelphia and L.A. have meshed my environments together, sometimes bringing an urban feel to an ocean environment, and sometimes the opposite.

As you browse my portfolio, you can see that I enjoy doing many different art forms from murals, graffiti, paintings, custom surfboard art and sculptures to corporate graphic design and screen printing. Each of which fulfills a different niche for me or you, the friend or the client. In December of 2008, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at Florida Atlantic University. Although not currently working as a Graphic Designer full time, I often take on design projects and jobs, but also extend my talent much further than solely graphic design.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries regarding anything you see on this site, or any custom work.